Freedom Feeders
Set the Timer, Load the Hay and GO!

The Freedom Feeder is a custom-made affordable automatic flake hay dispenser. It can be programmed for up to 24hrs for a one-time feeding and will hold up to 4 flakes. Each unit is custom made of select Red Oak and Maple and is polyurethaned for lasting protection and years of dependable service. The Freedom Feeder is designed to be mounted indoors or under an outside lean-to.

The Freedom Feeder come with a power supply (control box) that includes an easy to use 24hr digital timer. The timer engages a low voltage DC electromagnet that holds the door closed until the timer runs out. A single control box can operate up to 4 feeders in one location. Each feeder includes 2 mounting brackets, a 110 volt power cord plug, 24 hour digital timer, mounting screws and complete mounting instructions. All material is US sourced, assembled in America and includes 6 month warranty on all parts.

  • Need a day or night out on the town free from running back home to feed your horse?

  • Want an entire day out shopping or skiing?

  • Want to sleep-in on those cold winter days?

  • Do you try to maintain a regular feeding schedule?

  • Tired of asking neighbors when you can't make it home on time to feed?

We have the answer to your problem…Freedom Feeders will allow you to enjoy the whole day or night without interruption. Just set the timer, load the hay and GO!